Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Novel Study

As part of term 4's literacy, room 20, 21 are doing a Novel Study. This includes reading 1 book from 3 or 4 choices and reading to a certain checkpoint. Also completing certain activities to help your understanding of the novel and includes fun and art. This exercise also helps build your vocabulary because you have to create a list of words form the novel you are reading.  


Sunday, 28 October 2018



As it is the start of Term 4 it is time to stock up on your stationary.
If your child is running out of stationary could you please make sure that they have the following supplies:

Highlighter: Green and Orange.
Ruler: 30cm.
Glue stick:
Blue pen: Bullet point 
Red pen: Bullet point 
Green pen: Bullet point
Pencil sharpener: 

Make sure you don't buy any more books as the children in room 20/21 all have 1 spare book for any filled up books.

Thank you.
The bloggers:
Alice, Edie, Jordan and Hannah.


Unfortunately 25.10.18 was raining.  We got through 1 event but after that no one could cope. We have decided that athletics will be held on 29.10.18, so remember to bring your best sport shoes and house colours! Here are the placing for the 1 event that year 5-6 did:

Year 5 girls: 80metre sprints

1st. Lucy

Year 6 girls: 50metre sprints

1st. Savy
2nd. Sophie
3rd = Minah & Molly

The year 6 girls represented us well for sprints. In the final there were all girls from room 20&21!

We do not have all the results yet but we will update this when we can.     

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Welcome Back!

Welcome back for Term 4!

We have a full packed term ahead of us.
Remember to bring your hats because summer is here and you don't want to get burned! 
So be ready for athletics on Thursday and training. 

We hope you have a great term!

From your bloggers:
 Edie, Alice, 
Jordan and Hannah.

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Remember to do this!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018



                      RAIN JACKET CHECK TOMORROW


                                             Related image

Seussical Costumes Due Tomorrow



                   ROOM 20: animal onsies

                   ROOM 21: scarves